Lemon Law

What is The Lemon Law?
Lemon Law is the common term used to describe a body of consumer protection laws in California outlined in the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. It got its nickname because people have traditionally referred to troublesome vehicles as “lemons.”

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires the manufacturer of a new or used vehicle sold or leased with a manufacturer’s written warranty to buy back or replace a vehicle that hasn’t been repaired within a reasonable number of repair attempts. The California Lemon Law covers various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, motor homes and boats.


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As lemon law attorneys, we are devoted to providing you the support you need, by offering an initial free consultation service. We will explain how the California Lemon Law works, as well as how it applies to your circumstances, including what measures may be taken in regard to your lemon vehicle. We also accept lemon law cases based on contingency, meaning that there will be no upfront costs until we reach a settlement with the manufacturer, who will cover most if not all of the fees and expenses. Our policy stipulates that clients do not absorb any up-front expenses or out-of-pocket costs, allowing them to acquire necessary representation without financial strain.

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