Gayane Gevorkian

Gayane Gevorkian is the founder and managing partner of Legal One Law Group, dedicating her career to ensuring that her clients receive the utmost care and fair settlements.

Prior to establishing the firm, Ms. Gevorkian worked for a prominent defense firm for many years, concentrated on personal injury claims, including: traumatic brain injury, broken bones, broken neck, ruptured or herniated disc, burns, dog bites, trucking accidents and construction accidents.

Throughout her career, she has also represented hundreds of property owners whose homes have been damaged, and has vigorously negotiated with insurance companies to attain favorable settlement for clients. Her property experience includes water, wind, smoke and ash damage.

Ms. Gevorkian soon realized that she wanted to shift her focus to helping individuals who have suffered injuries due to the wrongdoing of others. Thus, she established her own practice, where she continues to focus on personal injury, property damage and lemon law claims. To her, the client is everything.

Ms. Gevorkian is fluent in Armenian and available for a free consultation to discuss your case:

(818) 480-6732


Avetik Zorabian

Mr. Zorabian is a graduate of Southwestern Law School. He prides himself on being a tenacious and versatile attorney, who has handled a wide variety of personal injury, criminal, property damage and lemon law cases.

Prior to his position at Legal One Law Group, Mr. Zorabian worked at an insurance defense firm where he gained civil litigation experience. After graduating in the top twentieth percentile of his class, Avetik realized that he did not want to defend insurance companies, but rather represent wronged individuals, ensuring that they received fair compensation for injuries they sustained. Now, Mr. Zorabian is primarily focused on representing plaintiffs who have suffered severe injuries caused by the negligence of others and will not hesitate to go after big insurance companies to obtain the best settlements for his clients.

Mr. Zorabian has gained criminal law experience while working for the Law Offices of Bruce Margolin, a prominent criminal defense firm in Los Angeles. He also clerked for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Hardcore Gang Division. By being exposed to both sides of the criminal law gamut, Mr. Zorabian has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to assist nearly any individual facing criminal charges.

Mr. Zorabian is fluent in Armenian and available for a free consultation to discuss your case:

(818) 480-6732